Using Decorative Concrete as a Floor Enhancement

Concrete is known as one of the most durable and low maintenance materials available for flooring. It also has a more hidden use as a highly versatile decorative material. The aesthetics that concrete provides for floor enhancements is only available through the very particular texture and density that it brings.

How can you get the decorative concrete floors Dubai homeowners and designers love? Here are a few best practices to whet your appetite for this multifaceted material.

Stained Concrete

There is a near infinite array of special effects that you can create with stained concrete. If you invest in staining with UV protection built in, you add another level of durability to your flooring – coloring will maintain itself over time.

Investing in a professional with the appropriate application techniques can give concrete staining a natural stone look, a look of polished marble or many effects in between. For even more customization, you can add stenciled designs or logos. The right staining does much more than lie on the surface of the concrete – they become a part of every layer, creating a rich, deep color. You can create a mottled, antiqued, variegated or monochromatic look.


One of the more esoteric but creative techniques that only concrete showcases properly is etching. This can be done after an acid staining for an exceptionally luxurious look. Grout lines are just one of the wonderful choices that you have in combining these two deep techniques.

Stamping or scoring a more complex pattern is a great way to create a more traditional look. This may take more time, but you can color each block individually with an epoxy to imitate some popular looks like brick, wood, slate, granite, and stone. With each of these choices, you get the look that you want without any of the shortcomings of these less durable materials. As stated before, there is no such thing as water damage with concrete. If your floor is high traffic (especially a floor that is exposed to young children), you can save a great deal of money on repairs and maintenance

Any Downsides to Decorative Concrete?

No material is perfect, but concrete is about as close as you can get. Cracks can appear if shrinkage occurs in concrete, but this is a weakness that can be managed. The techniques mentioned in this article for decorative concrete have the ability to smooth over the flooring. It is also worth mentioning that you may actually add to the look and character of the flooring with a few cracks. Because they absorb more pigment, the color is accentuated in a natural way.

The decorative concrete floors Dubai loves serve as a centerpiece to the most important rooms in your home. With your flooring as the focal point, you can build any style that you want with custom coloring and finish. Do not be afraid to ask your trusted flooring professional about any of the techniques that you have seen here – they may just provide you with the decorative concrete floors Dubai has been waiting for.

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