6 Reasons to Choose Polished Concrete Floors

Concrete is perhaps one of the most durable products used in building construction today.  However, concrete doesn’t have to be the ugly grey, bland material you are used to seeing in breezeblock form. It can, in fact, be used to create beautiful effects and designs in homes, hotels, and the workplace.  Want to know more? Here are our top 6 reasons to choose polished concrete floors.


The process of polishing concrete actually extends its longevity and means that it isn’t prone to chipping like other types of hard flooring. In addition, unlike tiled floors, polished concrete has few joints in the floor so there are no concerns about grouting breaking down and having to be replaced.


In areas that have a lot of footfall, for example, a hotel lobby, a hard wearing yet stylish floor is a must. Carpets can easily be damaged, look tired, or be marked through constant use.  Because of the way concrete floors are finished these concerns are removed  – you are simply left with a beautiful, contemporary entrance.

Practical and low maintenance

Which makes polished concrete floors perfect for Dubai as sand and dust don’t get trapped in carpet fibres and the floor only needs a quick mop to look pristine again.  Also, if you have young children in the house you don’t have to worry about spilt juice leaving stains  – a quick wipe over with a cloth and you’re done.

In addition, as there are mucher few seals or grouting used than you would expect in a tiled floor it is a good option for areas where hygiene is of utmost importance, for example in an industrial kitchen. The reduced number of joints (maximum 35m2) and ease of cleaning mean that there is nowhere food can become trapped and therefore become a breeding ground for mold. It is also very suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms as water can’t penetrate through gaps causing damage or staining.

Reflective finish which adds to interior design.

Artevia™ Polish has a smooth texture like polished marble that is silky to the touch and elegant at first sight. For more information about using Artevia™ Polish concrete as part of an interior design scheme just read our blog ‘How Interior Concrete Floors Add a Stylish Flair’.

 Different effects

You don’t just have to limit yourself to a polished finish, you can also choose from stamped or stone effect concrete floors depending on what style you are looking for.

Choice of colors

Whether you want a black floor with fluorescent specks, or are looking for something a bit more subtle – the choice of colors available means that you are sure to find something to your liking.

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